This is what it’s all about for Big Kahuna Wings.  Both our seasoning company and our BKW restaurant are built on the foundations of family recipes, family fun, and family tradition.  We are a family business in every way.

Today, BKW is owned and operated by Matt Beeler, but it originated in the early 1960s with his family’s “secret” recipe for wings. BKW Seasonings, a tradition at Beeler family tailgating, parties and gatherings became a stand-alone brand and it has been satisfying taste buds in East Tennessee for over 40 years.

Matt’s parents opened a small deli in Knoxville, bringing the first taste of BKW wings and seasonings to Knoxville in 1982.  While the deli had an “all over the board” menu, serving everything from tacos to sandwiches to wings, it showcased the family wings recipe and was the first time the seasonings were served in a restaurant.

In 1997, just after college, Matt and a partner opened the first BKW location as a take-out spot near the UT campus. Just two weeks after opening, he competed in the annual “War of the Wings,” against local, regional and national wing restaurants and was voted BEST WINGS in Knoxville.  The partnership dissolved after a short run due to irreconcilable differences.

Over the years, Matt discovered the family seasoning didn’t just taste amazing on wings, but were exceptionally good at bringing out the true flavor in almost any food – including steaks, hamburgers, pork, fish, and vegetables.  Matt experimented with menu offerings including everything from sandwiches and salads to the famous “Pig Fries” served on his menu today!

The new “Big Kahuna Wings” restaurant opened in July of 2014 as a family-friendly, sit-down restaurant; a distinct alternative to the everyday wing shack centered on sports and music entertainment.  Would it work?  Within an hour of opening, there was a line out the door and an hour’s wait for a table!

Wings, of course, remain center stage in all that we do.  Never frozen, cooked to order and absolutely delicious!  Our famous Big Kahuna Wings are made from the whole wing of the chicken, and set the bar for excellence among wings everywhere.  Combining them with our family’s seasoning company’s proprietary spice blends brings something totally unique to the game.  Plus, our family-centered dining experience focuses on bringing the people and the food you love together without the distractions of blaring televisions or live music.

Growing from our humble beginnings “slingin’ wings”, BKW is on its way to becoming a franchise powerhouse, incorporating the absolute best food, a customer-centric experience and our decades of experience in restaurant operations.  We’re looking forward to having you join the BKW tradition.